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(英语  T51-70)

Part One

Direction: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then, mark the letter A. B. C or D on your answer sheet.

51.[单选题]You can go to a travel agency and ask for a holiday ____ .





52.[单选题]Due to personality____ , the two colleagues never got on well in work. 





53.[单选题]There were 150 ____ at the international conference this summer.





54.[单选题]For the advertised position, the company offers a (an) ____ salary and benefits package.





55.[单选题]It was really ____ of you to remember my birthday.





56.[单选题]Our school library is ____ closed for repairs.





57.[单选题]—Did you fly to London directly? —No, I traveled from Taiwan____ Paris. 


B.by way of 

C.by the way 

D.in the way

58.[单选题]Tianjin is larger than ____ city in Africa.




D.any other

59.[单选题]When one has good health, ____ should feel fortunate.





60.[单选题]Our office has recently ____ to a new computer system.






Part Two

Directions: there are 3 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements For each of them there are four choices marked A),B),C) and D).You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on

Passage One


On arrival at your new home l

¨Try to remember the names of you host family. If unsure about how to address them, it is okay to ask how they would like to be called. For example, if it is impolite in your country to call someone elder by their first name, ask if it’s okay to add Mr. or Mrs in front of their names. Some Americans do not like to be addressed this way because it makes them feel old. l

¨Show your family that you are grateful for being your host. But do not give expensive gifts. It is, however, considered appropriate to bring inexpensive handcrafts from your country or a small gift for the children of the host family. l

¨Your host family will be curious to know more about you. Bring photos of you family and friends to share with them. This is also a great way to break the ice with them. l

¨After you get settled, your host family will help you make a call to your parents to assure them that you have arrived safely. l

¨After you’ve had dinner, you may ask the host family to be excused early. They will be fully aware of the fact that you might be jetlagged, so feel free to ask them.

On your first day of school: l

¨On your first day of school, your host family will take you to school and help you with the necessary registration paperwork. l

¨Your host family will also make sure that you know your way to and from school. They will also teach you how to use public transportation. l

¨When traveling alone, you should at all times carry a map and the phone number of your host family. l

¨In case you are lost and cannot get in touch with your host family, you can contact the “Homestay Network”

61.[阅读理解]For whom is this guideline intended?

A.Host families 

B.Foreign students 

C.School staff 

D. Airline worker

62.[阅读理解]Which of the following in NOT mentioned in the guideline?

A.Find out how you should address the host family

B.Always be prepare for the unexpected

C.Be prompt during meal times.

D.Establish a rapport with the host family

63.[阅读理解]What might be an appropriate present for the host family?

A.A toy train 

B.A bottle of whiskey 

C.A camera 

D.A cellular phone


Passage Two

Pump IT

special offer

Look your best this summer with our state-of-the –art equipment and a tailor-made training program made specially for you by one of our top rated personal trainers.

If you are having a difficult time getting motivated, Pump It is where you want to be. With a personal trainer assigned to you, you’ll be placed in a tailor-made program that will make you look your best in just 12 weeks.

With our program, you will get the full benefits of… l

¨Our one-on-one support and expert guidance by the top trainers in our industry. l

¨The use of the most updated fitness equipment money can buy, including free weights, treadmills, bikes, and even a his and her sauna. l

¨Ongoing group classes, from aerobics to yoga to dancercise to “abs-butts-thighs”,jus to name a few. l

¨For the time being, absolutely no joining fee and a very affordable monthly membership rates. So come for a free consultation, and get started today!

Don’t miss out

Offer is good until this Friday

310 St. George Street, Suite 601, Chicago

T:755-3422 W:pumpitclub.com

64.[阅读理解]Who does this advertisement mainly target?

A.Any one who failed at dieting during the summer

B.People withhout much time on their hands

C.Athletes training for upcoming competitions

D.People who need a little nudge at getting into shape

65.[阅读理解]What in NOT offered in the adevertisement?

A.Continuation of organized lessons

B.Personalized coaching to suit individuals’ needs

C.Free signup

D.Annual membership discounts.


Passage There

A new study shows a large gender gap on economic policy among the nation’s professional economists, a divide similar to the gender divide found in the general public.

"As a group, we are pro-market" says Ann Mari May, co-author of the study and a University of Nebraska economist. "But women are more likely to accept government regulation and involvement in economic activity than our male colleagues.”

“It’s very puzzling,” says free market economist Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. "Not a day goes by that I don't ask myself why there are so few women economists on the free market side.”

A native of France, de Rugy supported government intervention (干预)early in her life but changed her mind after studying economics. "We want many of the same things as liberals—less poverty, more health care--but have radically different ideas on how to achieve it.

Liberal economist Dean Baker, co-founder of the Center for Economic Policy and Research, says male economists have been on the inside of the profession, confirming each other’s anti-regulation views. Women, as outsiders, "are more likely to think independently or at least see people outside of the economics profession as forming their peer group," he says.

The gender balance in economics is changing. One-third of economics doctorates (博士学位)now go to women. "More diversity is needed at the table when public policy is discussed," May says.

Economists do agree on some things. Female economists agree with men that Europe has too much regulation and that Wal-mart is good for society. Male economists agree with their female colleagues that military spending is too high.

The genders are most divorced from each other on the question of equality for women. Male economists overwhelmingly think the wage gap between men and women is largely the result of individuals' skills, experience and voluntary choices. Female economists overwhelmingly disagree by a margin of 4-to-l.

The biggest disagreement:76% of women say faculty opportunities in economics favor men. Male economists point the opposite way:80% say women are favored or the process is neutral.

66.[阅读理解]What is the finding of the new study?

A.The gender divide is a big concern of the general public.

B.Men and women understand economics quite differently.

C.The gap between male and female economists needs to be closed.

D.Male and female economists disagree widely on economic policy.

67.[阅读理解]What does Ann Mari May say about female economists?

A.They are strongly against male domination in the economics profession.

B.They tend to support government intervention in economic activity.

C.They usually play an active role in public policy-making.

D.They are mostly strong advocates of free market economy.

68.[阅读理解]What do we learn about economist Veronique de Rugy? 

A.She represents most female economists' standpoint.

B.She devotes herself to eliminating women's poverty.

C.Her study of economics changed her view on government's role in economic activities.

 D.Her academic background helped her get into the inner circle of the economics profession.

69.[阅读理解]What does Ann Mari May imply about public policy-making? 

A.More female economists should get involved.

B.It should do justice to female economists' studies.

C.More attention should be paid to women's rights.

D.It should aim at sustainable development.

70.[阅读理解]On what issue do male and female economists differ most?

A.Government regulation.

B.Job creation.

C.Military spending. 

D.Gender equality.

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